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New Song – I want to be (Psalm 85)

Verse 1:
(I) want to be where You are
In Your presence
(I) long to be where You are
By Your side

I long to be where peace flows, like a river
I long to be where love, never fails
I long to be where goodness, lasts forever…
In Your presence

Revive us oh Lord
Let lovingkindness and truth, meet together
Let righteousness and peace kiss again…

Copyright © 2014 Mike & Liz Cartwright – ipraiseyou.com

New Song – You still surprise me

O – o – o – o – o – o – oh (repeat)

You still surprise me
Lift up my heart on to new plains.
You still surprise me
Open my eyes to see new ways.
I can’t imagine, what will come next.
God my hope, you’re my future, my ev’ry step.

I’ve walked this path before.
I’ve seen these little stones.
Lord You know.
I’ve trod this way before.
I’ve pushed this very door.
But I know, Lord I know.

Copyright © 2013 ipraiseyou.com – Mike & Liz Cartwright

CD Review: Ben Cantelon (2009) – Running After You

I’ve been listening to this CD now for about 4 weeks and every time I feel I’m ready to write the review (and try and listen to the CD one last time) I just can’t seem to find the right words to use to give this album justice.This is by no means the first time I’ve heard Ben Cantelon as he’s now the voice that we are used to hearing in our Soul Survivor Live albums in the last couple of years. It is interesting how when previously listening to Ben on such Soul Survivor albums I was never really blown away by his voice (it doesn’t have a unique sound like Martin Smith or Israel Houghton) but there was something there that I couldn’t put my finger on.

I am glad to say that on this album I feel that the excellent mix has really brought out the best in Ben’s voice and made this album a very good one indeed. The sheer depth of his lyrics and melodies which right from the start of the album does not disapoint. As a complete package it does everything that I think he’s set out to do, encourage & challenge the listener to go deeper with God and lift up the name of Jesus throughout.

Track listing:
1. Not Ashamed
2. God Of All
3. Jericho
4. Coming Back
5. Remain
6. Breathe
7. Carry On
8. Running After You
9. Hallelujah
10. You Alone

Standout tracks:

3. Jericho (Musically, it ticks all the boxes for me – it is a catchy rock anthem with a great drum beat throughout & and a great bridge. All I want to do is listen to this song LOUD)
6. Breathe (Quiet, with lots of depth and reminds me a lot of Radiohead)

In summary I feel this album has something for everyone, from a good mix of loud and quiet tracks, fast & slow melodies, etc and by no means would I consider it middle of the road as it is packed with great sounds and great lyrics which show maturity and depth. There’s also a lot of influences that can be heard in this CD – Radiohead, U2, Hillsong United, Tim Hugues (not a surprise there) & Delirious. So if you like those influences then you should (in my opinion) enjoy this album very much.

Verdict: 4/5

Release Date: 07 Aug 2009

ack listing:
1. Not Ashamed 3:26
2. God Of All 3:48
3. Jericho 4:40
4. Coming Back 5:13
5. Remain 4:37
6. Breathe 7:33
7. Carry On 4:46
8. Running After You 3:24
9. Hallelujah 6:14
10. You Alone 5:50

Currently listening: David Crowder Band – Church Music

This new self produced album from David Crowder Band, sees the band reverse the ideals of their previous album Remedy.

Remedy took the music of the church and took it into a more mainstream setting. Church Music takes the combined sound of the mainstream clubs and the lyrics of a worshiper and brings it into a Church setting. Having played Frenzy 09 and Fuel 09, David Crowder Band are already booked to return to UK for more dates in May 2010.

Writer of ‘Oh Praise Him’, ‘He Is Our King’ and ‘Everything Glorious’, David Crowder*Band are part of the Passion Movement in the US.

Just got my hands on this CD recently and I have to say it does not dissapoint from 1st listen. 17 tracks cleverly mixed together without breaks and pauses. Highlight so far is track 10. How he loves.

Currently listening: Matt Redman – We Shall Not Be Shaken

It was about 2 months ago that I read this review on LouderThanTheMusic.com and after they gave it a 5/5 for this CD I decided that I should pre-order it. It finally arrived this week and my initial opinion after a listen is that it’s a good CD but it didn’t blow me away to deserve a 5/5. Here’s the blurb (take from Cross Rhythms website):

Matt Redman’s songs are sung in congregations every Sunday across the world, with songs such as ‘Blessed Be Your Name’, ‘Facedown’, ‘Never Let Go’ and more recently ‘You Alone Can Rescue’ amongst many others.

This September sees the release of Matt’s brand new studio album ‘We Shall Not Be Shaken’ produced by Robert Marvin who produced Matt’s previous album ‘Beautiful News’. The new album features co-writes with Jonas Myrin (Hillsongs) and is a collection of congregational songs that will inspire the local church across the world.

Matt now resides in Atlanta USA where he is part of the Passion Church plant alongside Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin. This year Matt received ASCAP Awards for Christian songwriter of the year and for the most played songs on Christian radio in the USA for ‘Blessed Be Your Name’ and ‘Never Let Go’.

This is the 3rd CD I’m listening to at the moment, so who knows which review will be done 1st 🙂

Currently listening: Ben Cantelon – Running After You

Another CD just arrived in the post today which I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to!

A worship album from this Soul Survivor and Holy Trinity Brompton worship leader.

Writer of ‘Love Came Down’, ‘You Are’ and co-writer of ‘Happy Day’ with Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon is the worship director for Soul Survivor, a role which takes him all over the world. But it’s not the physical miles that have inspired Running After You, his debut full length album due for release this coming August, Ben’s captivated by a deeper, more personal journey: one that takes us away from ‘business as usual’ and closer to God himself.

With producer Dwayne Larring (Sonic Flood, Tim Hughes), Ben on acoustic guitars and keyboards as well as other musicians including Michael Guy Chislet (Hillsong United) on electric guitars, Running After You has the breadth and force to inspire people and take their journey a few steps further.

‘Running After You links in with the idea of being desperate to follow and connect with God; wanting God to get closer but life getting in the way. So this is a real journey album – full of songs of total praise, lament and confusion, trial and hardship.’ – Ben Cantelon

Once again watch this space for a review!

Currently listening: Godfrey Birtill (2009) – Hijacked into Paradise

Hijacked into ParadiseGot this in the post last week and I’m listening to it everywhere I go. Here’s a quote from Godfrey’s site:

“Another historic night in the story of the rising revival in the UK. GB is a prophetic song writer who captures in music a snapshot of what is going on in the church and the nation. His latest album “Hijacked into Paradise” just burns with the Spirit of glory, the joy and the wild fire. Many of us came from all over the UK to support this album recording night! It was a mixture of drunken joy, pirates, crazies and the hungry! GB is a legend!” – Emerge Wales

If you’re interested in listening to some samples then head over to Godfrey’s site – www.godfreyb.com. Links to download chords & lyrics are available there too.

You can also listen to a few songs in full on Godfrey’s MySpace page.

Watch this space for a full review in a week or so.

C3 Worship – Free music from Australia

My 1st exposure to CCC (Christian City Church) was when I went to New York a few years ago and attended CCC Manhattan and subsequently bought their worship album Peace (I’ll try and get a review up too). Needless to say from then on I became an instant adopter of CCC music and searched hi and low for more of their stuff. The good news is that the search finally came to an end when I found C3Worship.com and the ever better news is that they make their albums available for free!

All that you need to do (as per their website’s instructions) is: Register, Login & Enjoy the free music. All I can say is that you will not be disappointed and I would even go as far to say that this free music is better than a number of albums that I paid full price for! So go on, give it a bash and let me know if you like C3 Worship.

As well as the 3 full albums that they have on there at the moment, they’ve also got the song charts and also some videos.

Christian City Church (2008) – For Your Glory

FOR YOUR GLORY is a collection of songs penned by Worship Leaders Joe Pringle, Nikki Fletcher, Ryan Smith and the C3 team. With songs like BREAK ME DOWN and HOLD ME TOGETHER you can’t help but feel the heartbeat of God that the music holds. Highlights of this record also include the intimate moments found in songs like WORTHY and GETHSEMANE.

This studio release continues the ever-growing evolution of sound and song writing that C3 have become known for around the world. Recorded in LA and produced by Dan and Leah Pringle, with tracks mixed by Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl jam, INXS, Switchfoot) and mastered by UE Nastasi (Panic! At the Disco, Eric Johnson) and Charlie Watts (Fleetwood Mac, Incubus, Norah Jones), this album has an edge the industry is taking note of.

This release also includes a bonus LIVE DVD. Recorded at C3 Oxford Falls, Sydney, these 6 tracks + behind the scenes feature invite the viewer to experience worship in a new way and hear the heart of C3 for worship in the World today.

Download the title track at www.myspace.com/cccoxfordfalls


Studio Album
1. Break Me Down
2. For Your Glory
3. Today
4. Freedom
5. Eternal Salvation
6. Worthy
7. Hold Me Together
8. Gethsemane
9. Help Me
10. More Than Words

Live DVD
1. For Your Glory
2. If Not For Love
3. Gethsemane
4. Worthy
5. Eternal Salvation
6. Holy

Available for Purchase as a CD from the ccceshop or Download from iTunes