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New Song – I want to be (Psalm 85)

Verse 1:
(I) want to be where You are
In Your presence
(I) long to be where You are
By Your side

I long to be where peace flows, like a river
I long to be where love, never fails
I long to be where goodness, lasts forever…
In Your presence

Revive us oh Lord
Let lovingkindness and truth, meet together
Let righteousness and peace kiss again…

Copyright © 2014 Mike & Liz Cartwright – ipraiseyou.com

New Song – You still surprise me

O – o – o – o – o – o – oh (repeat)

You still surprise me
Lift up my heart on to new plains.
You still surprise me
Open my eyes to see new ways.
I can’t imagine, what will come next.
God my hope, you’re my future, my ev’ry step.

I’ve walked this path before.
I’ve seen these little stones.
Lord You know.
I’ve trod this way before.
I’ve pushed this very door.
But I know, Lord I know.

Copyright © 2013 ipraiseyou.com – Mike & Liz Cartwright