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The end of Delirious? – The press release

As I was checking my mail on Sunday afternoon I was somewhat shocked to read about the announcement that Delirious? are coming to an end in 2009. I have been a fan since the “Cutting Edge” days and all I can say is that they will surely be missed. See below a copy of the press release.
We would like to address all our fans, our friends and people around the world who have faithfully supported Delirious?After 14 albums, thousands of shows in front of millions of people, and many extraordinary memories, we have decided that at the end of 2009 we will take a break from recording and playing as a band.Our decision was triggered by a request from Martin to be released from the band to pursue new projects including his work with CompassionArt and the desire to be at home more with Anna and his children. We have of course honoured this request and made a decision together that now is the time to end this chapter of our lives.We will continue to play and be excited about our current tours and bookings but will not be adding many more over the coming 17 months..We are all so deeply grateful to our incredible fans who have sung the songs and allowed Delirious? the privilege of providing the soundtrack to many lives over the years. From the school hall in Littlehampton to the stadiums of the world we have many stories to tell our children’s children. Delirious also would not be what it is without our amazing wives and families, and our gratitude to them is immense. We will now move forward to the next part of our lives where new challenges unfold and greater stories will be written.We want to make it absolutely clear that although this decision has been extremely painful and difficult, we are still great friends and our respect for each other is unquestionable. We love playing in this band together and know that even though 2009 will bring an end to this current journey, there will be more adventures together in years to come.We always used to say that we were ‘taking it wherever it goes’. The music ended up going further and deeper than we could ever have dreamed, yet we are now at a point where our creative futures will spread out and take on different journeys.Thanks again for believing in us through all these years. We believe the best is yet to come.Jon, Martin, Paul, Stu G and Tim

CD Review: Delirious (2008) – Kingdom Of Comfort

Well in all honesty I don’t get my copy of Kingdom of Comfort until the 14th April when it comes out in the UK but the D:boys have been kind enough to make their album available online to be listened to from their website www.delirious.co.uk. To be honest I couldn’t resist and have been streaming the album all day!


1.Kingdom Of Comfort
2.God Is Smiling
3.Give What You’ve Got
4.Love Will Find A Way
5.Eagle Rider
6.We Give You Praise
7.How Sweet The Name
9.Break The Silence
10.Stare The Monster Down
11.All God’s Children
12.My Soul Sings

This album is awesome – cleverly crafted with beautiful words and melodies that challenges the heart of each listener. I wouldn’t call it a worship album as I can’t really see any of these songs being done on a Sunday morning format. Even so, I wasn’t expecting a worship album, I was looking towards a follow up to the “Mission Bell” (Delirious’ previous album) and this is a definite step in the right direction. The highlights for me (although the whole album is a true winner!) are “Kingdom of Comfort” & “Give What You’ve Got” & “My Soul Sings”.

If you have been a fan of “Mission Bell” then you’re sure to love this album and Martin Smith’s voice just seems to get better! With great sound influences ranging from Oasis to Radiohead to SnowPatrol, this album is not only about music and diversity but also about challenging our comfort zones. There’s so much more that I could say about it, but I would leave you to come up with your own views after listening to it.