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WorshipU // Jeremy Riddle “Writing Lyrics for the Church”

Jeremy discusses how a great song is written, including the benefits of co-writing, testing your song, and the importance of melody.

This is the first video of a 4-part series on Songwriting from WorshipU On Campus 2015.

WorshipU // William Matthews “Spontaneous Songwriting”

Following the Holy Spirit during a worship set is an important part of being a worship leader. The spontaneous moments can turn into songs that will touch and move hearts toward the Father, encourage and facilitate encounters.

William Matthews gives us tools for integrating spontaneous worship into sets, and how to craft songs as a result.


The Art of Songwriting – HTB Church

Tim Hughes of Worship Central leads a panel discussion on how to write songs.


Tim Hughes,Matt Redman,Matt Maher,Irwin Sparkes

Songwriting resources from Vineyard

Here are some articles about songwriting from Vineyard:

Taken from http://www.vineyardrecords.co.uk/web/equip_packs/song-writing-song-selection/

Principles of Songwriting with Paul Baloche

This Skype Session is part of the curriculum of “Principles of Songwriting II”, a class taught by Travis Doucette as part of the Songwriting Specialization at the Center for Worship at Liberty University. For more information please visit www.liberty.edu.


Making a Set List – Jeremy Riddle

This is the first of 4 videos we will be releasing on “Worship Department Practicals” – with future lessons by Brian Johnson, Matt Stinton and Kristene DiMarco.

In this first lesson, Jeremy discusses making a set list and figuring out the process of how to do it excellently.

Developing A Culture Of Worship – Kathryn Scott & Nigel Briggs

Taken from the seminars at NLC 2016 – this is a great Q&A session for all worship leaders out there.

New Song – I want to be (Psalm 85)

Verse 1:
(I) want to be where You are
In Your presence
(I) long to be where You are
By Your side

I long to be where peace flows, like a river
I long to be where love, never fails
I long to be where goodness, lasts forever…
In Your presence

Revive us oh Lord
Let lovingkindness and truth, meet together
Let righteousness and peace kiss again…

Copyright © 2014 Mike & Liz Cartwright – ipraiseyou.com

New Song – You still surprise me

O – o – o – o – o – o – oh (repeat)

You still surprise me
Lift up my heart on to new plains.
You still surprise me
Open my eyes to see new ways.
I can’t imagine, what will come next.
God my hope, you’re my future, my ev’ry step.

I’ve walked this path before.
I’ve seen these little stones.
Lord You know.
I’ve trod this way before.
I’ve pushed this very door.
But I know, Lord I know.

Copyright © 2013 ipraiseyou.com – Mike & Liz Cartwright

CD Review: Ben Cantelon (2009) – Running After You

I’ve been listening to this CD now for about 4 weeks and every time I feel I’m ready to write the review (and try and listen to the CD one last time) I just can’t seem to find the right words to use to give this album justice.This is by no means the first time I’ve heard Ben Cantelon as he’s now the voice that we are used to hearing in our Soul Survivor Live albums in the last couple of years. It is interesting how when previously listening to Ben on such Soul Survivor albums I was never really blown away by his voice (it doesn’t have a unique sound like Martin Smith or Israel Houghton) but there was something there that I couldn’t put my finger on.

I am glad to say that on this album I feel that the excellent mix has really brought out the best in Ben’s voice and made this album a very good one indeed. The sheer depth of his lyrics and melodies which right from the start of the album does not disapoint. As a complete package it does everything that I think he’s set out to do, encourage & challenge the listener to go deeper with God and lift up the name of Jesus throughout.

Track listing:
1. Not Ashamed
2. God Of All
3. Jericho
4. Coming Back
5. Remain
6. Breathe
7. Carry On
8. Running After You
9. Hallelujah
10. You Alone

Standout tracks:

3. Jericho (Musically, it ticks all the boxes for me – it is a catchy rock anthem with a great drum beat throughout & and a great bridge. All I want to do is listen to this song LOUD)
6. Breathe (Quiet, with lots of depth and reminds me a lot of Radiohead)

In summary I feel this album has something for everyone, from a good mix of loud and quiet tracks, fast & slow melodies, etc and by no means would I consider it middle of the road as it is packed with great sounds and great lyrics which show maturity and depth. There’s also a lot of influences that can be heard in this CD – Radiohead, U2, Hillsong United, Tim Hugues (not a surprise there) & Delirious. So if you like those influences then you should (in my opinion) enjoy this album very much.

Verdict: 4/5

Release Date: 07 Aug 2009

ack listing:
1. Not Ashamed 3:26
2. God Of All 3:48
3. Jericho 4:40
4. Coming Back 5:13
5. Remain 4:37
6. Breathe 7:33
7. Carry On 4:46
8. Running After You 3:24
9. Hallelujah 6:14
10. You Alone 5:50