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mrbsIn today’s fast paced life, it is more important than ever to keep tabs on whats going. My church have recently undergone a refurb project and as a result has lots of activities taking place in different rooms throughout the building. Suddenly the paper diary that is keep by someones telephone was no longer an adequate system for us to use.

I looked for various solutions to this problem before settling on MRBS from The features that made this so attractive were:

  • The code is free!
  • It would run on our existing website, (although a MySQL database and PHP is required)
  • The layout is customisable
  • I will grow with our needs
  • Accessible by many people via the Internet.

I cannot express what a great sucess this has been for us so if you are needing to implement a similar system, I personally think MRBS is well worth a look.

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