SuperF4 kills the foreground program when you press Ctrl+Alt+F4

The number of times my machine hangs because I’ve either got too many tabs open in Firefox or too many programs open in Windows or a mixture of both is quite regular. My solution was too open up Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and End the process there but for some reason it always used to take a little longer than expect. Then a few weeks ago I discovered “SuperF4” and it works like a treat.

What SuperF4 basically does, is kill the process of the foreground window when you press Ctrl+Alt+F4. You can also kill a process by pressing Win+F4 and then clicking the window with your mouse. You can press escape or the right mouse button to exit this mode without killing a program. SuperF4 should be able to kill all kinds of processes, whether they are hung or not. Beware though, SuperF4 effectively kills the program and doesn’t give it a chance to save unsaved work etc…

Download it here

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