Currently listening: Godfrey Birtill (2009) – Hijacked into Paradise

Hijacked into ParadiseGot this in the post last week and I’m listening to it everywhere I go. Here’s a quote from Godfrey’s site:

“Another historic night in the story of the rising revival in the UK. GB is a prophetic song writer who captures in music a snapshot of what is going on in the church and the nation. His latest album “Hijacked into Paradise” just burns with the Spirit of glory, the joy and the wild fire. Many of us came from all over the UK to support this album recording night! It was a mixture of drunken joy, pirates, crazies and the hungry! GB is a legend!” – Emerge Wales

If you’re interested in listening to some samples then head over to Godfrey’s site – Links to download chords & lyrics are available there too.

You can also listen to a few songs in full on Godfrey’s MySpace page.

Watch this space for a full review in a week or so.

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