Weblogs, (or blogs) have already taken the internet by storm and are constantly changing the way we share and digest information across the web. For this, (and MANY other) reasons an increasing number of churches are adopting blogs as their main website.

Due to it’s flexible and versatile nature, WordPress is a very widely used blogging platform, (in fact IpraiseYou is currently running on this platform). Once set up WordPress is a very efficient way of keeping your site fresh and up to date. WordPress will host the site for you but to unleash the full power of WordPress, you will probably want to install this on your own website. The greatest benefit of WordPress to my mind is that you can expand your site to include many pages other than just your blog.

If you are interested exploring this solution, for your site, check out this site as an example.

If you just want a personal blog perhaps for your church leader to share their thoughts, you might want to turn to Blogger. Run by the Google empire, Blogger offers a no nonsense ready to go solution giving users the ability to share their thoughts online. Blogger will also host the website for you which makes blogging as simple as surfing the web!

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