Christian City Church (2008) – For Your Glory

FOR YOUR GLORY is a collection of songs penned by Worship Leaders Joe Pringle, Nikki Fletcher, Ryan Smith and the C3 team. With songs like BREAK ME DOWN and HOLD ME TOGETHER you can’t help but feel the heartbeat of God that the music holds. Highlights of this record also include the intimate moments found in songs like WORTHY and GETHSEMANE.

This studio release continues the ever-growing evolution of sound and song writing that C3 have become known for around the world. Recorded in LA and produced by Dan and Leah Pringle, with tracks mixed by Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl jam, INXS, Switchfoot) and mastered by UE Nastasi (Panic! At the Disco, Eric Johnson) and Charlie Watts (Fleetwood Mac, Incubus, Norah Jones), this album has an edge the industry is taking note of.

This release also includes a bonus LIVE DVD. Recorded at C3 Oxford Falls, Sydney, these 6 tracks + behind the scenes feature invite the viewer to experience worship in a new way and hear the heart of C3 for worship in the World today.

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Studio Album
1. Break Me Down
2. For Your Glory
3. Today
4. Freedom
5. Eternal Salvation
6. Worthy
7. Hold Me Together
8. Gethsemane
9. Help Me
10. More Than Words

Live DVD
1. For Your Glory
2. If Not For Love
3. Gethsemane
4. Worthy
5. Eternal Salvation
6. Holy

Available for Purchase as a CD from the ccceshop or Download from iTunes

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