BeFunky – Funky ways to express yourself

A few months ago I found this site that turns any photo and gives it a cartoonish effect. The problem was I just couldn’t remember what it was called for the world of me. So I’ve been searching hi and low for this clever little site and then low and behold today it just appears in front of me.

Befunky takes images from your computer, webcam or on the web and creates a cartoonish effect that you can share with others. They call it CARTOONIZER – here’s a little something I made.

They are also planning to launch the VIDEO CARTOONIZER – where they say you will be able to turn a home movie into an animated feature film. I’m looking forward to that. In the meanwhile check out their video example below.

Video Cartoonizer By BeFunky from BeFunky on Vimeo.

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